Sunday, 6 January 2013

Cris' Farewell Cake

Sadly, another colleague at work had to leave us in search of greener pasture. We have had 2 farewells within a span of a few months and both of these colleagues were from the same department. 

I was requested to bake a rainbow cake for Cris' farewell party and wanting to be different, I suggested a star shaped rainbow cake. The end product was tall and big; it was 13" across and weigh nearly 4kgs. 

All the best, Cris and I shall miss her beautiful personality and lovely singing voice! :)

Star Shaped Rainbow Cake - 13" across

Football Cupcakes for Punitha

A colleague of mine, Punitha, had ordered these football themed cupcakes from me some time before Christmas to celebrate the 1st birthday of her son. I couldn't quite believe it at first but at only 1 year old, Punitha's son had already developed a passion for football. I hope that one day he will become a successful football player and make us Malaysian proud :)

These vanilla cupcakes were decorated with green coloured buttercream frosting resembling grass and for the football centrepiece, I had molded it from white chocolate and painted with some black food colouring.

Football Themed Cupcakes - Vanilla Cupcakes with buttercream frosting and white chocolate football centrepiece

Frosty the Snowman for Mrs. Julien


It's been a while but I'm glad to finally have the time to update this mini blog of mine.

I have been very busy with work of late, and baking too :) Before Christmas I was commissioned to bake Frosty the Snowman for Mrs. Julien, a lovely lady whom I get to know through my sister.

The cake was for a party with young children, therefore Mrs. Julien had requested that I do away with the candy decorations for fear that it might become choking hazards. The end product was simple, but I was happy with it because it was my first snowman cake and it looked festive enough. I wish I had managed to do a better hat for Frosty, though :)

Anyway, Frosty did not get to see the light of Christmas as it was devoured in the pre-Christmas party. Till we meet again, Frosty!

And thank you Mrs. Julien for your faith in me :)

Frosty the Snowman - Two layer butter cake with buttercream frosting and chocolate buttercream frosting for the hat, facial feature and buttons. I especially love the baby blue scarf!