Saturday, 22 June 2013

Chocolate Cake for my lil' nephew, Afiq

I know nothing of this character called Pororo and when my cousin called me up to order a cake with Pororo image on it, I thought to myself it must be a Japanese cartoon character or something, like Ultraman or Naruto but with a cuter name.

I was surprised to find that Pororo doesn't come from Japan (it's actually from Spain) and that he is a lovable penguin adored by most under 5 years old preschoolers.

Anyway, my cousin said that Afiq was happy with the cake that he sang Pororo's song when he saw it. I love nothing more than brightening up anybody's day, especially a child's; it makes me happy all over :)

Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Ganache and icing image print - 8" round

Red Velvet Cake for Sylvia

This cake had been ordered way back in December but I am posting it up only now. Sylvia was a colleague of mine until recently; she is now in Australia and I wish Sylvia all the best :)

Assalamualaikum & hello again!

It has been so long since I last posted :) To tell you the truth, I am simply a bit lazy to update because everytime I do, it would take me an hour for a post. The posts may not be long, but I contemplate on the writings a lot. But anyway, in business one must not be lazy!  :)

I have been quite busy in my daily life and have been receiving quite a number of cake orders of late, alhamdulillah. I shall try my best to post up every single one of them and please wish me luck on that! :)

Anyway, i have updated the Terms & Pricing page: 

1. I had revised the price of my Carrot Walnut Cake to RM 70.00 (10" square) due to the price increase of some ingredients.

2. Added a new cake flavour; Banana Walnut Cake. It's currently my mother's favourite and mine too :)

3. Added the Novelty Shaped Cakes to the list of products; they're baked using Wilton's shaped pans and the cakes can be in either butter, chocolate or marbled cake.

4. Delivery service is available upon request. However, as I am working, I may be able to deliver after 8pm (weekdays) and weekends only. Delivery charges starts from RM 20.00 (depending on locations).