Monday, 27 February 2012

Chocolate Walnut Heart-shape Cake with Dark Chocolate Ganache

My friend Fish had previously ordered cheesecakes from me, so this time around she wanted to try out something different for her husband's birthday. She had requested for a Chocolate Walnut Cake, which I had never made before but knowing that I could also gain from doing something new, I accepted her order. Every order is like a challenge to me...

I scoured the internet for a good recipe, but could not find a good Chocolate Walnut Cake recipes, only Chocolate Walnut Brownie recipes. I could take a moist chocolate cake recipe and add walnut to it, but I'm skeptical if the light batter would be able to support the weight of the nuts, so I scrapped the idea. Finally I decided to try use my brownie like cupcake recipe and add walnuts to it. Alhamdulillah it worked and customary of my family, the test batch was 80% gone within 2 hours of it being served. It's a 1.5kg test batch cake, so now you know why I am surprised :)

Fish had given me a few samples on her preferred decorations and I took a liking to a sample instantly. I was also requested to bake a heart-shaped cake, so here's the final product...

Didn't look exactly as the sample given, but I hope Fish & Rudy had liked it all the same.

Happy Birthday, Rudy!

Chocolate Walnut Cake with Dark Chocolate Ganache

Tahlil & A Small Gathering of the Supek Clan @Aunty Adi's

It's been nearly a month since I last posted! Not much has been happening lately, but I do bake occasionally for orders and to be placed in the office's pantry. Other than that the month of February has been quite slow paced.

Anyway, my aunty had a tahlil over at her place sometime this month and though there were many guests, many members of the Supek Clan could not make it :( 

Supek Clan you say? What is this Supek Clan?? Well, that's the term I used for the extended family on my mum's side. The matriarch of the family is of course my grandma, who was affectionately called Supek by my late grandpa, hence the title. Go figure! haha :)

Not knowing the number of invites and thinking that it would be just among family, I contributed about 40 cupcakes for the occasion. I had baked these little Red Velvet cupcakes in those lovely green souffle cups and coloured the cream cheese frosting slightly yellow. I was quite happy with the simple but cute result, but was skeptical whether it would be enough. My mum assured me that it would be, so off we went. We were surprised to see rows and rows of cars parked outside of the house and was even more surprised when we went inside. There were so many people that the front door was blocked; we had to use the back entrance.

It turns out that so many had brought desserts that day, so my 40 cupcakes were just enough for those who had space to spare in their tummy after the heavy lunch treat :)

Reddish cuties in their green 'pants' & yellow cheesy tops!