Friday, 11 April 2014

Pure Non-Alcoholic Vanilla Extract available!

I have a few bottles of the homemade and pure non-alcoholic vanilla extract available for sale. However, due to the restrictions of mailing liquid form items, I am not able to ship out the order by mail. Purchase would be based on self pick up or delivery only.

Each 120ml bottle cost MYR 20.00.

I will update the photo later.


  1. could you post to kuching?

    1. Hi Siaw Ying :) Actually, Pos Malaysia or other courier companies would not accept shipment of liquids unless they have a certification of origin, which I am not able to produce as it's a homemade stuff. If I were to attempt sending it anyway, I'm scared it might be detected as it most probably would be ship by air.

  2. salam ,, kalau nak order and delivery either to puchong (malam) or bukit jalil (siang) berapa yea... thankss... -azura-

  3. Assalammualaikum. Nak tanya kalu nak order camner? Your location kat mana?